The White Gull Inn
4225 Main Street, P.O. Box 160
Fish Creek, Wisconsin, 54212, United States

About Fish Creek

One of America's Prettiest Towns - Forbes Magazine

  • Sunset Beach sailing photo

Pictured Above:  The view from Sunset Beach one half block from the White Gull.  Photo by Dana Stoner.

Tucked between the limestone bluffs and the bay of Green Bay about three quarters of the way up the Peninsula is the historic village of Fish Creek. (Yes, the same Fish Creek listed by Forbes in 2013 as one of the 15 Prettiest Towns in America.) Settled in 1853 by loggers and fishermen, the tiny hamlet soon became a summer resort community, as people in cities around the upper midwest discovered its rustic beauty, natural harbor and cool summer temperatures. Several of the early summer hotels, such as the White Gull Inn, are still in existence today.

Still maintaining its historic small village charm, Fish Creek has today become a center for the performing arts, with the country's oldest professional summer stock theatre, the nationally renowned Peninsula Music Festival and a new 750-seat auditorium that regularly features top performing artists from all over the world.

Within a short walk, bike ride or drive from the White Gull Inn there are back roads to explore and islands and lighthouses to visit. Antique stores and galleries featuring the many local artists can be found in every nook and cranny. There is every imaginable recreational activity, from golf to wind surfing, from hiking to charter fishing. You can take bicycles or cross country skis and lose yourselves for hours in one of the county's five state parks.